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Our Partners

Here is more information on our amazing producer partners that make up the ingredients in many of our product range.

Trade Aid (New Zealand): Trade Aid is a not for profit organisation operating for over 30 years made up of several parts reflecting the work they do as a retailer, importer, exporter and development agency. Now, their expertise in sourcing fair trade products which is unsurpassed globally is now available in Australia.

Manduvira Cooperative (Paraguay): leading small producer cooperative in the production of organic sugar cane and industrialization of organic cane sugar in Paraguay.

CONACADO Cocoa (Dominican Republic): group of cocoa producers and their families supporting a sustainable approach to property management, improvement of product quality and efficient harvest marketing and strengthening business and organisational practices and community development.

Kerala Fair Trade Alliance (India): is a mass based farmer led movement focusing on justice concerns in trade. The organisation draws its character from the peasant organisations of Kerala that organised around issues of agrarian indebtedness and plummeting commodity prices.

PARC (Palestine): is a leading Palestinian NGO working in the field of rural development, environment protection, and women empowerment. Offers technical assistance and support, along with extension services to individuals and organizations working in similar fields.

PODIE (Sri Lanka): aims to raise the living standard of small-scale farmer communities within Sri Lanka. PODIE buys directly from producers and exports their products directly to fair traders around the world.